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Autism Awareness Month 2014

Newsletter for Mrs. Ladd’s 4th Grade Classroom
Week of May 5, 2014
Edition 3 Volume 15

Dear Parent(s),
As you know, the months of May and June are very busy around here. With year-end assessments, concerts, field day and year-end trips, our teaching window becomes crunched! If at all possible, please make doctors and dentists appointments before or after school. Our NWEA Reading test is this Wed. and Fri. from 10 a.m.-11a.m. Please, if at all possible, make sure your child has gotten a good night’s rest, eaten breakfast &/or has a snack to eat. I really want to see your child do his/her best!

This week, we are also starting individual F & P Reading testing. It will continue until the 23rd of May. Next week is the district’s writing prompt, instrumental music testing and the Fun Run. The following week is the district’s math facts tests, along with Student Council Speeches and Elections. Words Their Way and Math NWEA are the following week! As you can see we are very busy in 4th grade.

The Fun Run is quickly approaching and what a better time to get in shape and earn money for our school! Students will be asked to collect pledges for the number of laps that they run/walk. All money earned will be used for PTA sponsored school activities to benefit our kids next year! Tomorrow is the pep rally and the fun run is next week on Tuesday, May 13th, TTBD.


Please make sure that you are checking the planner with your child and signing it nightly to indicate that you have seen the homework and the assignments are completed. This will help keep your child on track. If there is a question about what needs to be done, you may also visit the homework page on the wiki at -

Reading Logs:

Please make sure your child is reading a minimum of 100 minutes each week and that the reading log is filled in nightly after each reading session. Many students are falling behind on logging in their reading. Please encourage your child to log their minutes nightly.


This week’s link isEd Heads EdHeads.jpeg EdHeads2.jpeg

  1. A site that engages students in the workings of almost anything!
Link of the Week: Ed Heads-

‍Mrs. Broz:

‍Mrs. Crooks:

‍Mrs. Ladd:

Mrs. Roettenberger:

‍Miss Tull:


Our study of fractions is continuing in our current chapter. In our lessons thus far, the students have explored making equivalent fractions and comparing fractions with unlike denominators. Additionally, the students learned how to use tools such as benchmarks, fraction bars, and number lines in order to compare the sizes of two fractions. This week your child completed a short assessment of their understanding of the concepts explored to this point. Your child will be bringing home this assessment for you to review within the next week. As we continue with fractions, we will be making connections between fractions and decimals.

Mrs. Crook’s Math: We are studying algebraic reasoning and expressions as well as patterns and graphs. This week we practiced order of operations, as well as, reading, writing and simplifying numerical expressions. Next week we will write and evaluate expressions that contain variables. We will conclude the unit by generating and extending numerical patterns, identifying relationships of corresponding terms, and practicing locating, and plotting points in the first quadrant of a coordinate plane.
Please practice all math facts. The final facts tests will be given in two weeks!


While we are focusing in-depth on non-fiction reading, we are continuing to explore text structures. We have learned about descriptive and chronological text structures, and are now going to dive deep into comparison, cause & effect, and problem & solution text structures.

Please keep in mind that we still expect our students to read 20+ minutes per night to practice and maintain the skills they’ve been learning in school. Each child should also be filling in his/her Reading Log daily, and bringing it back and forth to school!

No Word Study next week:

Due to different classes NWEA Testing Schedule, there will be no Word Study next week. Testing will resume the following week.


Our study of non-fiction is extending into our writing time as the students are learning to write a five-paragraph informative essay. During this study, the students will learn how to develop a topic by providing a strong introduction, detailed body paragraphs, and a solid conclusion. Ultimately, students will connect their learning in reading and writing and apply what they have learned to the completion of a research project on a topic of choice.

Science: Students are well into the investigation on lifeboats. We have set our standard and begun to test the various sizes of lifeboats to see how many passengers each will hold. Our next investigation focuses on airplanes and the different variables that each student could change to possibly get a result. All the while, we will continue to focus on the 25 science practices.

Social Studies:
Our Regions unit has come to a close, and our wiki pages reveal our vast learning. Please ask your child to tell you about the region s/he studied, and then ask him/her how that region compares to the Midwest region. Currently, we are exploring Human Systems, which include migration (immigration vs. emigration) and push/pull factors. Our discussions about this topic have been very passionate, as we identify reasons that people come and go, the historical significance of large groups moving into the U.S., and the cultural richness that results.

Important Upcoming Events:

5/1-5/23 - F & P Individual Student Testing
5/5-5/9 – NWEA Reading Testing
5/12-5/16 – District Writing Prompt
5/12-6/6 – District Facts Tests
5/13 – Fun Run
5/14 – Instrumental Fitting Day
5/15 – Fun Run Rain Date
5/16-5/29 – NWEA Math Testing
5/23 – Spirit Day: White and Blue West Maple Day
5/26 – No School: Memorial Day
5/26-5/30 Words Their Way Testing
5/27 Ladd’s Math Class NWEA Math testing

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