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You might want to think about these:
What is King Arthur known for?
How did King Arthur treat his loyal subjects and why?
Source- title, website, magazine or book
What Information Did You Find
Now put it in your own words!
Question 1: What is king Arthur's name
Arthur Pendragon
King Arthur Pendragon

Question 2: was Lancelot the best knight of
king Arthur's?
he is the king's champion champion fighter ( credit given to
yes, he was the kings best fighter.

Question 3: what was Arthur's mother's name?
Igraine ( credit to EBK for
Igraine pendragon.

Question 4: how did Arthur's dad (Uther Pendragon) die?
Merlin tried to save him when Uther was poisoned by Arthur's half sister Morgana and she gave Uther a necklace to reverse all spells on him so healing made it worse.( credit to the directors and producers of the show Merlin).
Uther got poisoned.

Question 5: how old was King Arthur Pendragon when dieing?
6th century to 537 ( credit given to link to it on page).
about 37 years old.

( credit given toexternal image king-arthur-crown.jpg